Mind Mapping and Goal Setting for Writers

Maureen Jung, Ph.D, Writing Consultant, will present a mind mapping mini-workshop at The Black Horse Winery on Kingsley Avenue from 6:30 – 8:30 on Wednesday, April 3, 2013. She will be providing a hands-on exercise in mapping your writing goals for the coming year. Bring along your to-do list, your questions, and your ideas. You will leave with a writing goals map that includes steps for achievement.

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3 Responses to Mind Mapping and Goal Setting for Writers

  1. Maureen Jung says:

    Before setting a deadline, we need a purpose. That’s your assignment in 25 words or less. Be specific! Plus, we need to do the math–how long a book, how many authors, how are they selected, edited, etc.

    • All great food for thought, Maureen! I’m thinking we don’t need to rush into these decisions, though. Maybe we should mull it over through the weekend and come back by next week with a few suggestions. I like this project idea and really want to push forward with it, but not at such a break neck pace that may leave gaps in quality.

  2. Maureen Jung says:

    That’s absolutely right. Many decisions to be made–and it will take the efforts of many people to produce a quality product. Most of you haven’t written books or planned book projects. I have–and so have many others, so we’re not going to rush to publication. No breakneck speed required here! Lynn S. Harlin has volunteered to edit, and believe me, there won’t be a problem with quality after she gets thru with it. It’s not too early to think about purpose, though, for those who want to. I put in some time on the question this morning, and will bring some ideas to our meeting on the 17th.

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